Are your blog posts like doodle or Mona Lisa?

The importance of quality of writing on blogs need not be emphasized. That is what makes a blog great or commonplace.

In the linked article, Suhaib Mohammed hits the nail on its head when he says you blog posts must look like Mona Lisa rather than doodle. Then he tells how to do that. Do have a look. Link to Suhaib's blog post

Blog quality matters the most for blogging

What Suhaib is telling is not about the screen looks of the blog but the quality and usefulness of its content. That, in fact, is the key to success in blogging; looks come later.

Google says, content quality matters greatly in search. Blog's success depends primarily on this.

Now that we are on the topic of content quality, let me give you Google's take on why the content of blog/ any other website must be of a very high quality. Some years back, Google itself made public a document - Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines - which has become a sort of bible for those wanting to know what Google considers as good or bad content. Though these guidelines are not used directly by Google to rank websites for search purposes, these are the concepts around which Google determines whether a website's content is worth value or not. The link given here for this document is for the PDF, so might sometimes not work: Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

If I am asked to summarize Google's advice given in this 168-page document, in just three letters, I would refer to E-A-T: The website owner/ blogger must be such so that they show Expertise, and be seen as Authoritative and  Trustworthy. High quality of content is necessary for gaining marks for expertise and authoritativeness. Without this, any amount of SEO or promotion is not likely to work in the long run.

To borrow the words of Suhaib, try to make your blog posts like Mona Lisa: high in content quality.