Blog at your own peril! Two stories from Azerbaijan

Two bloggers In Azerbaijan had the punishment for blogging delivered to them earlier this week.

An anti-corruption blogger, Mehman Huseynov, who had been sentenced to 2 years in prison last year on libel charges, has held that the government has been filing fabricated cases against him due to his anti-corruption writings. Now the Supreme Court of the country has upheld the sentence.

Blogger's lawyers are thinking of approaching the European court of Human Rights for his acquittal.

Another blogger, Alexander Lapshin, who is an Isreali-Russian passport holder, gets 3 years in prison for entering and reporting from areas under control of Armenia but claimed by Azerbaijan as its own.

While in Belarus, Lapshin was extradited to Azerbaijan before being sentenced. Russia has objected to extradition of its citizen to a different country.

risky blogging
Blogging can be risky if you venture into dangerous territory.