Blogging is growing, with tilt towards earning than socialization

Is blogging no longer relevant ? Is blogging dead? 

In recent years, we quite often hear such questions. These are natural seeing the huge popularity of social networks like Facebook and chat apps like WhatsApp, partly at the cost of slower and older web media entities. 

But, let me assure you that blogging is not going to go away, like floppy disks and pagers disappeared or Orkut and GeoCities disappeared from the scene. As a social media/ media watcher for decades, I can say this with confidence. 

Also believe me that blogging is only growing in forms and formats. Yesterday it was in the form of a diary, which initially had hardly any customization and had just some text and links. Then it started adding pics, audio and video. Then came all types of technological frills that could make a blog as modern and full of functionalities as any other modern website.

In the western countries where e-commerce came early, blogs started earning money through advertisements. That needed traffic and in turn spawned use of SEO. In its heydays, blogging became a social phenomenon as well as a new source of earning for a new breed of publishers. In these countries, the blogosphere has matured over the years and is now a mainstream online activity. In other countries, the use of internet - especially through the mobile phone - has grown fast in recent years and blogging is becoming a serious online activity, also for earning.

In short, blogging is doing well, and the intent 'to make money' is making the blogosphere a business arena more than a social networking place as the latter activity has been taken over to a large extent by social networking, messaging, social sharing and social bookmarking, aided by mobile apps.

past and future of blogging

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