Hollow blog or hollow criticism?

In India, political battles are fought mostly on the ground, some on social networking sites. Though some years back blogs were popular among some top politicians as the first medium to express themselves, they lost momentum as social networks took over. Yet, some of them keep writing posts on their personal websites/ blogs. The thoughtful among them, yes.

Arun Jaitley blog

It made news when a spokesman of the main opposition party, the Congress, chose to call Arun Jaitley names. "He is writing hollow blogs to regain lost political relevance," it was said. The provocation was a post written by Arun Jaitley, India's Finance Minister who is recuperating after a serious illness and has not been able to be active in his ministerial portfolio for some time. In his post titled 'Is Congress Becoming Ideologyless? Is Anti-Modism its only ideology?', he had lambasted Congress leaders for blindly opposing the Prime Minister and not seeing the gains of his welfare/ developmental schemes.

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