Anarkali: a down to earth blog for a down-to-earth purpose

If you want to see how a blog can serve a social cause beautifully, without much concern for the technology and frills applied by professional bloggers, visit this blog:
Anaarkali - The saga of Bhil Adivasi Indigenous People.

simple blog design

The blog runs on blogspot and has applied the simplest theme out there. No customization, no optimization. Just using the blog as  a free option available - to be present on the web and spread information about Bhil tribals and publish inspiring and sad stories about them.
There is not much engagement on the blog but the blogger, Rahul Banerjee, keeps publishing relevant posts incessantly. Good that a prominent chronicler of good Indian blogs, Indian Top Blogs, has taken notice of the blog and has included it in its directory that boast of 'best' Indian blogs.

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Rahul Banerjee said...

Thanks for taking note of the struggles of the Bhil Adivasis for a more sustainable and equitable world.

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