Be realistic if thinking of travel blogging as a career

There are many reports, mostly on travel blogs themselves, of travel bloggers making huge money and living life like a king (or queen) while traveling around the world.

The reality may not always be that rosy. As the linked article shows, the blogger has to care for many things including health, holidays, family responsibilities and taxes in addition to the routine travel expenses. The travel has to be planned much in advance so as to save on travel and hotel bookings. If the earnings are not as expected, one has to live in cheap hotels or take circuitous connecting flights instead of direct ones.

In addition, travel cannot happen all the time, and a very hectic life cannot be sustained after a certain age. So, one needs to keep investing in side activities and make travel into a business before one slows down. Only those travel bloggers have been successful who have taken it as a business rather than a hobby that also earns. The business part of blogging involves investing time and energy (and sometimes money) on creating and nurturing one's brand, contacting and pitching ideas with prospective clients (hotels, restaurants, airways, magazines etc), regularly writing high quality articles, photography, working on SEO and monetization, creating ebooks and guides, and so on. 

In fact, some bloggers have opened firms on advice and agency work related to travel and tourism. My take is that such bloggers had the business in mind the day they started their travel blog.

The advice for bloggers planning to take travel blogging as career is: think seriously beforehand whether you have the instinct to take up blogging as a business. If not, you can still think of it as a hobby or a part-time activity but not as a full-time avocation.

travel blogging as career

This article in the Insider reveals why quitting a job to travel the world is not always a great idea.

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