Indian women are living their dreams through food blogging

In the US, Europe and Australia, almost all adult women are employed. Against this, in India, even well-educated women till a generation back did not seek employment so have remained housewives in their adult and old age. Even now, not all educated women - especially in non-metro locations - look for jobs. For various reasons, even among those seeking jobs, many remain unemployed. Some employed women also give up their jobs when they turn moms. In all, India has a big population of middle-class educated women living their life as housewives.

A typical housewife, beyond her household chores, spends her free daytime in watching television, chatting on social networks and instant messaging sites and indulging herself in gossips and kitty-parties. In many urban localities, religious congregations are common and a middle-class woman is a likely participant. If not of religious and spiritual bend, she may have a worldly hobby such as gardening, reading or writing or having kitty parties. In rare cases, she could also be a member of a social or cooperative group.

In a rather recent trend, many unemployed women have taken to blogging, and food blogging is on top among women-dominated niches. Food bloggers from India range from just amateurs occasionally posting their home-made stuff on the blog or posting a recipe video on YouTube to highly professional bloggers. In addition, there are many working women, even holding high positions, who nurture their cooking hobby through blogging.

What makes Indian housewives good food bloggers is their resourcefulness in preparation of food, starting from raw material to finished product. The variety of Indian regional cuisine, use of myriad ingredients and as many methods of cooking makes India a culinary museum, and women have been its primary contributors as well as custodians.

Food blogging, however, is not limited to housewives. There are some renowned chefs who have opened blogs, and many of them are women. On the other hand, many professional cooks/ dieticians/ culinary experts who were not earlier well-known have established themselves and gained prominence through food blogging.

Top women food bloggers in India

Some of the prominent Indian food blogs by women (not necessarily housewives; some professional chefs) include:

Mala's Kitchen
Bong Mom's Cookbook
Chitra's Food Book
Holy Cow
Edible Garden
My Food Story
Vegan Richa
My Tasty Curry
Cooking Diva Manjusha

best food bloggers in India

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