How to make a social post with text in 5 minutes, for free?

Why post pictures with text in it?

We see posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms in which an important statement is laid over a picture. They make an impression on our minds, and when they do so, we 'like' or share them instantly. 

Quotes are one of the most popular types of posts on Facebook and Twitter. They are also seen in good numbers on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Such type of images have a quote from a great person or a celebrity.

Sometimes text on images is used to broadcast an event or a big news story, show support to a social cause, highlight something of great concern or other important message. Brands also use them for advertisements. Text with an underlying image also suits invitations.

How to easily create pictures with text?

Look at the 'picture with text' given below. It took me just 5 minutes to create this image. For this, I did not require any knowledge of picture editing and it was all free!

picture with text for blogs and social media

Let me guide you.
  • Go to Canva at this link. Signup with any of your social media accounts. 
  • There are various presets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts and so on. (Btw, you can use this tool for creating book covers and infographics also).
  • Select whatever platform for which you want the picture. You have the canvas ready. From the 'layout' tab on the left, select any of the free layout options given there. 
  • The template that you click opens in the main area. Click on the text already written there. Replace with your own text. 
  • The picture is ready! You can directly share it from here itself, but it is better to download it on your computer. The 'share' and 'download' buttons are at the top of the screen.
Wait. If you are not fully satisfied with the picture, play with the text editing and placement options, backgrounds, and so on. On the left pane, there is 'elements' button. It lets you choose from thousands of free background images and shapes. You can put more than one image and any number of shapes, color them differently and move individual elements up or down.

Learning is so simple. Initially you might take 15 minutes but with a bit of experimentation, you will be able to make fantastic banners with embedded text within 5 minutes. Of course, you might still like to take some more time to spruce up the image.

Image editing with professional picture editors

If you are interested in creating sophisticated images with text on them, there are many free tools for that. (Please allow me a bit of self-promotion: I have given a full list of useful tools for various blogging purposes in 'The Manual of Blogging'.)

Gimp and are two free tools that I would recommend. Gimp is offline picture creation and editing suite while is online. They are difficult to learn if you have not worked on such tools earlier. However, with some experimentation (or using guides freely available on the web), you can learn them. Once you are comfortable with them, you can not only create pictures with text, but create all types of images, improve photographs and apply effects on them. On smart phones, there are a number of free image editing tools; I like Snapseed for its numerous options.

Disclosure: I have no commercial dealings with Canva.

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