Making a million dollars by blogging while feasting around the globe!

Let me introduce Mark Weins, the gourmet blogger originally from Arizona, the USA, and now settled in Bangkok.

Mark is a travel blogger of a different type - he focuses on food, not travel. He says, "I believe when you travel, there’s no better way to connect with people, than through food." His blog, Migrationology, proves that. Perhaps that also is the key to his success in travel blogging, which is otherwise very crowded.

What makes his blog tick is its resourcefulness and a straight communication with the visitor. He is honest about his exploits and shows them in detail in his posts. The clean design supplements the blog well. The same goes for his YouTube channel - call it a video blog if you like. As on date, he has nearly 2.3 million YouTube subscribers!

make money from travel blogging with focus on food
As any blogger should do, Mark has chosen the topic of his liking, so he enjoys blogging while he gets to enjoy the best food in the places he visits.

While he enjoys food, Weins is [perhaps] conscious that blogging alone cannot get him much beyond good food (and a bulging belly!) So, he has made his blog the hub of different activities, which include posting YouTube videos (It now precedes all other activities), publishing ebooks and selling/ giving away sundry merchandise (caps, t-shirts).

Mantras for success in blogging

On his blog, Mark has shares his blogging growth, and how his focus and hard work are now paying him well as a blogger:
At the beginning, when I made the decision to earn a living online, I'll admit that I had to live on the cheap (really cheap)...
One of the biggest turning points for me was when I published my first eBook, the Eating Thai Food Guide. I finally had my very first product to sell on my website...
It took about 3 years of online work and experimenting before I really started making enough to live fully and support anyone other than myself...
But when you have a goal you're working towards, you'll do what it takes to get there.
There are two very useful takeaways from Weins experience for those who want to succeed as a blogger:
  1. Within a broad blogging niche, think of a narrow one that is not crowded and yet is attractive.
  2. Choose the subject that interests you and on which you will always enjoy blogging.

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