3 top male lifestyl and fashion bloggers from India

Lifestyle blogging is now one of the most visible niches in blogging. It is dominated by ladies, but there are some prominent male lifestyle bloggers too.

Lifestyle blogging encompasses fashion and also includes other areas such as family life, hobbies, culture, travel and other lifestyle topics.

In India, the lifestyle blogging by/ for males came a bit late but has now caught up with the western world. I showcase here three top male lifestyle bloggers from India. Each of them excels in fashion and - as is the basic principle of success in blogging of any type - they all are passionate about fashion and lifestyle.

Purushu Arie

Purushu Arie is a fashion designer, illustrator, stylist and fashion blogger since 2009... and "founder of India's first gender-neutral label". He is a strong votary of neutrality of gender, age, race, appearance and other cultural differences.

lifestyle blog

bowties and bones

This lifestyle blog by Allen Claudius ("I am a socially awkward, bearded fashion blogger.") talks mainly on fashion and sometimes ventures into cultural life of Indian males - food, music and nightlife - too.

fashion blogging

Urban Eye by Riaan George

By Riaan George, this "India's no. 1 luxury blog" talks about travel and aviation besides the core topics of luxury, fashion and grooming. He says, "Urban Eye by Riaan George is a veritable style guide featuring the coolest and trendiest updates on the web."

Indian luxury fashion blog

How to become a fashion blogger?

These fashion blog examples are a very small sample from thousands of successful fashion and lifestyle blogs in India. Dozens of them are listed on major Indian blog directories; the Directory of Best Indian Blogs is a dependable resource you could be looking at.

An examination of fashion blogs in different parts of the globe shows that they pay well but only if the blogger is dedicated to fashion/ beauty/ lifestyle. A part-time approach is not likely to pay in fashion blogging niche because of huge competition from brands, review sites, apps and other bloggers.

Those wanting to open a fashion blog and make money from it should take inspiration from established blogs and adopt the best practices followed by them. For success as a fashion blogger, the blogger must commit himself/ herself to working hard on various aspects of blogging, e.g. 
  • posting regularly on the blog
  • keeping the blog updated with new fashion trends/ events/ celebrity news
  • focusing on a niche while sometimes talking about the broad subject
  • maintaining the blog well with a nice design and with relevant photos and videos
  • a bit of SEO 
  • blog promotion, including inserting ads through AdWords and on Facebook/ Instagram
  • integration of blog with other social media (e.g. Instagram or Pinterest)
  • using the right earning streams such as PPC ads, direct ads, affiliate ads and other ways of earning, but not too much
If you are based in India and want to become a successful fashion blogger, study the special needs, fashion habits and buying habits of Indian buyers. You will need to study Indian fashion bloggers and also Bollywood trends, ethnic and traditional Indian wear, and new offers from top designers.

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