Social media safety tips recommended by Facebook itself

Facebook has posted a PDF file on its blog, which gives very useful tips on how to use Facebook (for that matter, any entity on the internet) safely.

internet safety tips for Facebook users, others

Though the PDF file is addressed to journalists, it is an authentic guidebook for all social media users. If you do not want to browse the PDF file, the tips in brief are given below.

Keeping one's web properties such as email and social media accounts, blogs etc is very important. Most of us know these web security measures but still ignore them. For them, these would serve as reminders. For others, they might look something new. These are:

  1. Protect your password: use a strong password; if you like so, use a password manager.
  2. Get alerts about unrecognized devices. Facebook has an alert setting that sends an alert when the account is accessed from a new device. 
  3. Turn on 2-factor authentication. After you log in with password, Facebook asks for another key, which is a code sent through SMS or generated through other means. 
  4. Use Facebook checkup tools. Keep checking the security of your account at regular intervals.
  5. Manage your presence on pages and profiles. Review who can tag you, post on your timeline, comment on your profile and so on. These are available in privacy settings. 
  6. Control your location on posts. Facebook does not share your location by default, and you can think of not opting for location sharing.
  7. Protect your communication. Facebook says, when you communicate through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, your messages are secured with end-to-end encryption.
  8. Block harassment, by blocking people who you do not want to be looking at your activities or messaging you.
  9. Report abusive content and impersonation, to Facebook so that they can take action. For this, there is a 'Report' link connected with messages and comments.
  10. Know what to do if you are hacked. If your account gets hacked despite all actions, immediately try to log in and then change password. If not, contact
Most of these options/ settings are available also on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

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