Blog Compass - Google announces a blogging app!

Google is promoting blogging in a new way: through mobile phone app. And it has aptly named the app Blog Compass.
The app is not only for Google's own blogging platform Blogger, but for rival Wordpress also (both the free platform and Wordpress CMS for self-hosted blogs).
Still in beta (final testing) stage, the app has the following main features:
  • One-stop blogging solution: track site views, moderate comments, see when a post is visible on Google search.
  • Sends Google trends for giving topic ideas. These are based on the blog's topic and blogger's preferences and blogging history.
  • Gives tips to make the blog successful.
  • In English and Hindi.
blog compass app for blogging
Google has currently released Blog Compass as an 'only in India' app.

Update: The app is working fine for Wordpress blogs but has issues in connecting Blogger blogs.