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If you are one of the following, this post may be of great value to you:

You regularly publish pictures on the web

You share pictures regularly on your blog, Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram or other social sharing account or on WhatsApp.  But do you have a fair understanding of how digital pictures work, how they can be improved upon, and what precautions you must take while posting pictures on the web or using a picture available on the web?

Don't you think you need to have a better understanding on the subject? Mr. Slater recently faced a crippling legal case after taking a money's selfie!

book on photography and image editing

You don't know how to take care of thousands of valuable pictures on your phone/ laptop

You keep on shooting pics (and videos), thanks to the ubiquitous mobile phone camera, so your phone, laptop and drives are full of pictures you don't know what to do and how long they'd last.

In addition, you might have memories from he past - prints that are getting pale, pics from your digital camera, pics sent by friends and relatives.

Do you know how to take care of old pics, and how to name digital pictorial resources for efficient retrieval? What formats and media they must be stored in so that they do not get corrupted/ lost over time?

You have small kids and want to streamline their energy creatively into digital sketching, painting or photography, but do not have the basics clear so as to guide them

Responsible parents want to make their kids creative, and nothing beats arts and photography when it comes to creativity.

As a parent, do you know what all are the dimensions of pictures, now that everything is digital? Can you hand-hold your kid towards creativity that has no bounds?

You are a photographer but do not have full understanding of digital pictures OR you are a digital picture editor without good understanding of digital photography

Don't you think, you need to learn the other side so as to get the best out of your profession?

In all these situations - and many more - a small investment made in understanding digital images and learning the tricks of the trade will go a long way.

Here is this ebook 'Better Digital Images', available at $3.94 at Amazon. It covers all the above and much more, in simple language and with illustrations. To read the ebook, you need not have a Kindle reader. You can read the book on your smartphone, tab or laptop.

Main Chapters:

Image concepts - image editing - digital cameras - digital photography - file conversion - digital art - caring for images - images on the web - special images (selfies, favicons, infographics, panoramas) - selling pictures - printing

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