How social media is destroying lives of teenage girls

Beware parents of young girls. You will be mortally shocked if you read the linked article. It is not a hearsay or an unfounded scary piece floating on WhatsApp. It is real, and you must read it. After you have had the shock, you must prepare how to deal with the stark reality of social media playing havoc with innocent girls.

A girl in her early teens, when her body is showing signs of growing in a sexy way, when she is so innocent about how she could be getting exploited and compromised and is highly influenced by peer pressure, she tends to do things that she should not have done. Not doing such things makes her unwanted in her social group. She is likely to succumb to peer pressure and then one from the same group might start exploiting her.

Moreover, going a 'small' step into nudity, 'sexting' and being seen 'hotter' as compared to the one she is jealous of are considered 'cool', and thus she starts accepting these actions as normal. That is worse, because when that happens, she stops listening to any sane counsel from parents or her more sensible friends. She also becomes complacent.

teen girls and social media

Some girls start behaving in a different way, especially when they feel caught between what the society thinks right and what they are doing. That leads to confusion, guilt, even eepression. 

Parents need to be careful of both types of tendencies and take preemptive actions. Perhaps being caring and sharing from the very beginning is one of the best antidotes. Even when she has succumbed to peer pressure and done something silly, supporting her and always remaining communicative are very important. Taking psychological counseling, involving school, legal action... whatever action is required to bring the girl back to normal must be taken as early as possible - but without showing signs of panic or being harsh on her.

To quote the article I mentioned above, 
I never lost my sense of what it is to be a teenager, I’m not sure why. Some of these things are painful. One thing that’s important to do as a parent is remember what it felt like and tap into that. They’re just coming of age, they’re experiencing these things for the first time. There needs to be a great deal of compassion when you try to put yourselves in their shoes. I try and think, ‘She’s telling me this story, and how would I feel if this were happening to me?’ So instead of coming at it from a point of judgment or alarm [as a parent], I try to get rid of the fear of what you’re hearing and just listen.
It is a slightly old post but equally relevant today. It is based on studies in America but now that smartphones have reached everywhere, the story would be the same across the continents. You can read the full article here: 
New York Post article on how social media is destroying the lives of teen girls.

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