A fashion blogger who now has a clothing line!

This is the story of a lady who nine years back was in college yet and studying psychology, and had started blogging to impress her date. She is a formidable name in fashion blogging today.

Instead of focusing on psychology, Arielle Charnas would spend time on blogging. Her parents thought something had gone wrong with her, but she seemed to have found her muse. A network was building around her but brands did not take notice of her: that were her initial blogging years.

Well, blogging did not grow in a straight line. She was spotted by a clothing company that offered her a job of styling clothes and acting as their model too. Then she got a contract with TreSemme.

The blog's progress was good, she was getting more attention and more jobs, and fashion blogging had become her career. But it was plateauing... and then came Instagram. For the type of niche she is in (i.e. fashion), nothing could have been better. Arielle's earning from blogging is now steady. She is a big Instagram influencer, with over 131 thousand followers.

fashion blogging
Arielle's blog, Something Navy, is now the fulcrum of her online business that has become multi-faceted.  She is a mother now, and has to apportion time to her home and office. But she is a businesswoman as much as a blogger. She has an office, half-a-dozen staff including those for social media and photography. She has recently started a clothing line with the same name: Something Navy.

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