A successful mom blogger's practical advice to others

Mom blogging is one of the most popular blogging niches among women bloggers. This becomes the best place to share their motherly experiences and tips they themselves have learnt during the motherhood journey.

But there is a dark side to it. Katie Paulson could not be wrong because she has learnt her lesson after suffering due to her indiscretions.

Before I share what Katie has shared in her blog recently about blogging by mothers, let me tell that she maintains a blog that is well-read and she is happy about blogging - after she changed course. She is a truly successful blogger without worries about web safety of her blog, herself and her son.

2 blogging mistakes a mom blogger usually makes

Katie shared too much about her growing kid, so much that complete strangers meeting them in public places would know the child by his name! Only when the kid was six did the mother realized that she was depriving herself and her son of privacy that was very much essential for them.

The child had multiple ailments and she had all the problems that come with such a situation, and she would compose her posts on each of them and got kick out of people's validation.

She very candidly shares that she became so much of herself - thinking that what she shared was worth getting approbation all the time - that it ruined her social life.

As happens with all bloggers who expose themselves on the social media, she would get all types of responses.  Being woman attracted even nasty comments. 

blog and blogger safety

Another problem with mom blogs is false expertise. This insight from Katie applies to many mom bloggers: they are not experts but after having become a mom, give all sorts of advise to curious would-be moms and new moms. I reckon that the visitors on such blogs do not stay with it when they themselves have experience of rearing a child. 

You can visit the post from Katie here: 4 WaysMommy Blogging Disrupted and Harmed My Life

It is a good reminder for mommy bloggers that while this blogging niche is quite rewarding in many ways (sharing experiences and helping others; mutually benefiting; making money), the blogger must be discreet in what and how much she shares. In addition, she must become an expert in at least a small area of child bearing and rearing before giving advise.

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