Bloggers as influencers: excerpts from The Manual of Blogging

The following is an excerpt from the chapter, Blogs as Influencers' of 'The Manual of Blogging'. 

... the importance of blogs as the prime social media entities has gone down but they have become increasingly more mature in content and design. In addition, the advances in web technologies have made blogs functionally more advanced for the users. It is implied that these developments have made blogs more valuable in the eyes of marketers and common visitors.

On the other hand, there are skeptics who feel that individual blogs hardly have the power to influence people’s decisions...

On the web, especially social media, traffic is often taken as a measure of one’s influence, but visitors do not necessarily visit a website/ social networking platform/ blog because they are influenced, nor do all visitors take a decision under the influence of the site they visit. In fact, most of the time the visit is likely to be inconsequential as far as influence on the visitor is concerned. Blogs and other websites with erotic photographs and social accounts on adult jokes are quite popular. There is nothing fake or reciprocal about their following, but they would hardly be taken seriously when it comes to taking life decisions or decisions on financial matters. There would also not be a useful association between the advertisements served on such sites/ blogs and the buying needs of visitors. On the other hand, when the message is powerful and the blog/ blogger has the required credibility, they have the potential to convince and encourage people to think and act in a certain way.

Learners in various fields regularly visit established blogs in their niche. Experts’ blogs on technology, coding, investment and stock markets, recipes, motherhood, beauty, health and travel do receive quite a number of such visitors. Many savvy bloggers who are seen as an authority on their subject get many queries and take time to respond to them. Needless to say, a recommendation by such bloggers would be highly valued by their regular visitors.

 Blogs as Marketing Influencers 

There are thousands of blogs on which bloggers write about the quality of products and services. They come in various forms such as blogs that review specific books, movies, hotels, cafes, houses, software, gadgets, garments and so on; blogs that promote products and services of selected brands; and blogs that comment on the quality aspects of products and services in general. It has been found in some consumer surveys that blogs, as a group, influence purchase behavior of people more than social networking platforms and commercial review sites...

Some research is available in which blogs with good content in paying niches such as travel and fashion are found to have a definite influence on buying decisions of visitors and followers. 

There are a number of big affiliate networks globally and locally, which arrange advertisements on blogs/ websites on behalf of their corporate clients. It is well-known that a very large number of bloggers make regular income through these affiliate advertisements, showing that such blogs are able to influence buying decisions.

Being interactive and also with unlimited scope for explaining  things in detail, blogs score over print media, television channels and posters/ hoardings in influencing opinion...

Social Media Influencers 

... The word ‘social media influencer’ has gained popularity in recent years. This term is used for describing people with large following on social media. Their claim is that since they have a huge herd following them, their word matters a lot when it comes to people buying a product or service... Mere traffic (or follower count) is not a good measure of influence.

Bloggers as Influencers in Making Political Decisions

... The jury is out on whether messages on blogs and social networking and instant messaging sites can influence people enough to change their political views and to vote for a particular party/ leader. In most cases, the noise on the social media seems to be based on people’s pre-conceived opinions.

Does Blogging Influence Employment Decisions? 

... Professional networking giant LinkedIn promotes blogging on its platform and many employers are known to look at these blogs in deciding a person’s suitability for a particular job/ assignment. A number of employing agencies have gone on record stating that they carefully scan the web entities of prospective employees, and blogs are an important input to assess a person’s personal traits and professional competence...

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