An established blogger gives practical advise to fellow bloggers

Saru Singhal is a known name in Indian blogging circles. She has been active for seven years now and her blog, Words, can be seen on top Indian blogs' lists.
Her blog shows her love for blogging. She does all that a normal blogger does: posts her musings on all types of subjects, shares her literary creations, participates in challenges and competitions, puts badges given by other bloggers on her blog, engages through commenting. 
Saru is not a blogger who runs her blog for making money. So, she does not seem to earn much directly from the blog but she has won many accolades and awards, assignments and offers thanks to sticking to writing good posts without a pause. 
She has recently come out with a post sharing her blogging journey and - the reason why she finds a mention here - she has given some very practical and simple tips on blogging. 

Her tips in brief are given below, but to get the essence of these, you should go to that post linked here:

  • Read good blogs or follow good artists.
  • Interact with your audience. 
  • It's great to have a niche but expand it over time. 
  • Be a part of groups, communities, and organizations.
  • The most important lesson moneywise is to always ask for your worth. 
  • Lastly, be honest.

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