Live blogging: some organizations use it so brilliantly!

What is a live blog or liveblog?

'Live blogging' (as defined in The Manual of Blogging) is when the blog runs updates on an event in a single post. The post is ‘live’ for a specified period (say, 24 hours) during which it carries updates on the event, the latest being on top. Live blogging was precursor of today's micro-blogging/ social networking (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and chat (e.g. WhatsApp) timelines.

If you have not followed a live blog (=liveblog), you might think that in this age of every event being relayed real-time on Twitter and chat apps, there is no place for more 'traditional looking' ways of sharing updates. Add to that the constant blaring of 'live reports' by television channels and their apps, and live-streaming on Facebook/ YouTube/ Twitter - and there seems no scope for a slower way of web-based reporting on events.

Yet live blogging is live and kicking, as you can see from the examples given here.

Live blogging is very useful for updating significant events

what is live blog?The use of live blogging by some organizations, including prominent news sites, shows that at times instant modes of communication that are focused on a single event/ theme are even more powerful than the happening media. Yes, live blogging is very effective for more grounded and serious updating of events. There is more scope for engagement and putting different points of views. In many cases, the liveblogger runs an interesting and/ or useful commentary alongside updated information - and the liveblog's followers love that.

Though Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube live events or hangouts have a text comment stream running along side the video, that is too transitional for more considered discussions/ arguments. Morevoer, the updates on social networks are crowded with numerous comments (some of which are of low value), as in the case of Twitter hashtags.

Let me give two recent examples of good live blogging: Take the case of Wired, the popular tech web-magazine. It recently ran a live blog to report Apple's launch of new iPads and Macbooks.

Take another example. The Guardian, the reputed UK newspaper/ news website ran a live blog for giving updates on Hurricane Michael that devastated Florida and nearby areas in the US in October 2018. During the peak, it had fresh news every 15 seconds or so. You can see the thread here (might go away after a while): Hurricane Michael updates on the Guardian liveblog.

The blog 'Blogging The Boys' must find an honorable mention whenever we talk of live blogging. This blog is devoted to the fan community of US football team Dallas Cowboys. The blog is always abuzz with activity, and its posts generate a lot of discussion around the performance of the team.
live blog example
The Guardian live blog on Florida cyclone

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