Simple tips for putting the best pictures on social media or blog

I assume that all social media users know the importance of images for social media and the reason why you should put the best possible picture on your social accounts or blog. Yet, the social media (including blogs) is full of pictures of very low quality.

Let's start with some facts relating to use of pictures on the web and then see what you should do to achieve great results as far as pictures are concerned:
  • It is extremely easy to put photographs on the blog and social media.
  • All bloggers and social media users have a mobile phone with camera - and most have a smartphone, i.e. mobile phone with internet connection.
  • Most users of mobile phone cameras do not take care to use camera features properly and therefore the photographs have many deficiencies of composition, color, lighting etc. 
  • It has been found by studies that putting an image increases visitors' stay on the blog/ website and images also help the visitor in grasping the written content better. 
  • Photographs increase sharing and likes on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Many bloggers now blog on Instagram where images and video do most of talking. Many bloggers post on YouTube or other video sharing apps and earn money out of them.
  • Some people publish long posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, without having a standalone blog. Posting images in such places have also been found effective.
  • Different social media platforms have their own optimal shapes and sizes of photographs. On most platforms, use of text over photos makes them special. Sometimes, special effects lift the mood of the photo.
  • New mobile phones come with apps for editing images. In addition, smartphones can download editing apps - many of them are available free.
  • A large number of photo and video sharing apps have become popular with the younger generation. Besides the established ones (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat), there are many new apps (e.g. TikTok, Hello, Vmate). Users mostly put very badly taken photos and videos on these platforms. The appearance and effect can increase by a big margin with just a bit of consideration while shooting.
  • Editing, even on smart phones, can improve the quality of photographs. 
You can draw this conclusion from the above facts:

You must use images with written text, to the extent possible. Make use of the features available on our mobile phone's camera. Then, check the photo from different angles and improve it before putting on the blog or social networking/ sharing accounts. Same goes for videos.

importance of images for social media

Minor editing of digital images/ photographs is very easy

It is very easy to 'touch up' photographs and you do not need special skills for that. Similarly, adding effects to photographs is usually a one-click action on most apps. There are many free tools available for desktops and mobile phones that do the job easily. 

An additional notable feature of these apps is that if you do not like some change, you can go back to the original picture and start again.

Photo shooting and editing tips for newbies

The quality of photograph depends more on how and in what situations it was taken. If you have a good sense of composition (how different elements are arranged in the frame) and lighting, you can shoot very good pictures from an ordinary digital camera or phone camera. Now most mobile phone cameras come with good size (in megapixels) and a number of settings but most mobile users have never tried to learn how they operate. Believe me, these are very simple to learn.

Open the camera on your smart phone. On the viewfinder, you will see many icons for different adjustments: change between camera, change between video and image, flash, lighting, HDR settings, ISO settings, panorama settings, low light/ night settings, white balance and so on. You can experiment with them to know what change they make. 

If you get confused with all these settings, let the camera remain in AUTO or normal mode, but at least take care of these:
  • proper lighting
  • distance from the main object
  • avoiding hand shake

Then comes editing. Most of the times we need to just re-size the picture or adjust its colors and lighting, and these are very easy to do. You can check this post on cropping images for one such simple action. Effects are even easier to apply and the results are instant.

You should note one important thing here: if you do not know the basics of how a setting or tool in the camera or app makes changes to the quality of picture, you will not be confident of using that setting or tool. If you are thinking of using your smartphone camera for taking photographs, you should learn the concepts behind how the digital pictures are created, edited and stored. That will help you in using various settings on the camera and editing software. 

You can read these concepts on the web. If you want to learn them in a compact ebook, you can consider buying Better Digital Images from Amazon. It will take you through all the basic concepts of digital images and also give you numerous tips on photography.

Go for a mobile photo editing app if you do not want major image editing 

There are hundreds of apps on Google Play Store as well as iPhone App Store that can carry out image editing. However, I find that Snapseed is one of the best apps available.

Snapseed has a long list of editing features and can also apply numerous effects on photos. No learning is required; however, since so many options are available, initially you might get confused on how much of an effect would be good  for a photograph but you can always undo an action if an action spoils the image. (If you know the basic concepts, it becomes very easy to choose the right tools and apply them to the right amount.)

snapseed is a good app for image editing

This app has long back received the recognition as the 'app of the year' on App Store. It is a Google product. 

Disclosure: I have no commercial dealing with Snapseed.

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