Benefits of blogging for business: studies show that businesses gain enormously from blogging!

Blogging and marketing experts recommend that businesses should maintain a blog. Indeed, blogging is adopted by progressive firms and businessmen very effectively for various purposes such as:
  • topical discussion 
  • sharing updates 
  • getting feedback 
  • improving overall SEO of their main website/ portal
In this post, I bring you some interesting facts about use of blogging by businesses as found in a number of surveys and studies.

In 2017, 66% of marketers reported using blogs as part of their social media content strategy says Social Media Examiner.

Social Media Examiner has also found that about 61% marketers are likely to use blogging in their business-to-consumer marketing. Interestingly, even more (three-fourths of all marketers) are likely to use blogs for business-to-business marketing!
53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority, says a HubSpot study.

A study by Tech Client has found that websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages on Google! 

HubSpot has also found that websites of companies get about  97% more links when they blog.

blogging benefits businesses

A HubSpot study found that return-on-investment got a 13 time boost when marketers gave top priority to blogging as part of content marketing!!!
Blogs are rated as the fifth most-trusted source of online information. (HubSpot)

These and many such studies conclusively prove the enormous benefits of blogging for businesses and in various ways. Many top executives of reputed firms have also shared  that they find blogging useful in connecting with their clients (which in turn leads to brand loyalty) and getting rich feedback.

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