Google Plus is going away: how will it impact your blog, especially if it is on Blogger?

Google is deprecating its popular Google Plus platform as well as a number of APIs it had created for integrating your accounts on Google. So, you could have comments on your blog through Google Plus, people could upvote your posts directly through a Google Plus button at the bottom of your posts and so on.

Google plus social media closure

Google Plus will no longer be available for free. Google is thinking of an enterprise-level version that will be useful for large firms for internal socialization.

So, how will Google Plus deprecation affect your blog? 

If you have a Blogger blog and you have activated commenting through Google+, all your comments will evaporate soon and the commenting will be made into the default Blogger commenting.
Your profile will also revert to your Blogger profile. 

The widgets based on Google+, e.g. “+1 Button”, “Google+ Followers” and “Google+ Badge” will no longer be available. If you have applied any of these widgets, they will disappear. That may lead to slight rearrangement of your widgets on the blog's sidebar.

The tiny Google Plus buttons for quick sharing of posts will disappear. However, other social share buttons like Fb will still be available.

If you have given links to your Google+ profile on any other web page or social media space, those will lead to broken links.
If you are not on Blogger but you have links to your Google Plus account, profile, individual posts or communities, the links will turn 'broken links'.

What actions you need to take as a blogger so that the demise of Google Plus demise does not hurt you?

If your blog is on Blogger platform:
- Spruce up your Blogger profile. Give necessary links, tell about your interests and so on. 
- Check your blog for any design changes due to removal of Google Plus widgets, If something is amiss, go to Layout and rearrange the remaining widgets.
- If you had manually placed your profile/ 'About Us' details on the blog, check them. Make necessary changes.
- If you had applied Google Plus based commenting, Google would automatically convert that to Blogger based commenting. However, please check by commenting on your own post.
- If you have manually given stats about your Google Plus account, e.g. number of followers, remove that information.
- Use a link checker to find whether there are any broken links in your blog that have resulted from Google Plus deprecation. This would have happened only if you manually gave your Google Plus link on the blog or any post. Obviously, you need to remove such links.
- Similarly, if you have links to Google Plus on any of your social networking entity, remove them.
If your blog is on some other platform:
- Check for broken links as mentioned above - on your blog or on your social networking entities - and remove them. 

In addition, your Google Plus account is live till April 2019. If you have posted something exclusively on the Google Plus platform, save that elsewhere. You can download all of your Google Plus data or some specific data through a link given on Google Plus platform itself.

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