How mom bloggers are earning big in Canada: a CBC report

In the linked report, published on CBC website recently, mom bloggers share their tales of success as home-based businesspersons of sort. 

Interesting that some of them did not start blogging for making money but companies started sending products to them for use and review. That started their journey into making money from blogging.

That may not be the case in all geographies. But their report has inspiration for mom bloggers everywhere: in rich countries, there are more opportunities as there are many companies chasing bloggers and many buyers visiting blogs and buying products based on online reviews. In poorer countries, though there may not be as many offers, there is less competition as there may not be too many bloggers in this niche.

If you are an aspiring mom blogger, you need to keep learning as you go, so that you can post the right way, use the right platform and demand the right money for your blog posts.

I advise you to go to the article and read it. Before that, note the two cautions emerging out of the report:

1. Be cautious when writing about children and posting their photos.

2. Be authentic in your views. Don't advertise.

how to make money as mom blogger

Here is the link: Mommy Blogging 2.0

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