What are web hosting and domain name? What are the web hosting options available to a blogger?

When you open a blog or website, you need to keep it on some computer/ server where it is available all the time. When someone types your website or blog's address on his internet browser, the browser sends a message to that address. The computer in which the website/ blog is hosted sends data, which is then displayed on the internet browser.
This is how websites are made available to visitors/ searchers/ links.

So, it is very basic that your website or blog is 'hosted' somewhere on the world wide web. There are big internet companies that do this job for you either free or on payment. Sure, you get better services when you pay.

From bloggers' point of view, web hosting is of great importance. If you open a free blog on Blogger (example.blogspot.com) or Wordpress (example.wordpress.com), that blogging platform does three things for you:
  • It gives you a domain name or web address (e.g. example.blogspot.com).
  • It hosts your blog on its own server.
  • It gives you the facility to write content on the blog and make the blog beautiful.
Blogger, Wordpress and some other blogging platforms do domain naming, web hosting free for you. They do so with some other business in mind, but as a blogger you need not bother as long as the blog comes free to you.

However, these platforms cannot keep providing you free hosting services when your website or blog grows very big. As you grow, you need more space and more bandwidth. As the stakes become high, you need greater level of security. You also need a way to make money from the blog. For these, you need something more than what the free blogging platforms can provide you. You also do not want to be limited by their terms and conditions. This is the time, you look for web hosting services. These services are provided by companies with huge computers that are internet-connected all the time and are properly maintained and secured.

Web hosting has a price. That depends upon the type of hosting plan you buy: shared web hosting or exclusive hosting or... A large number of web hosting options are available in the market and you can choose a plan according to what facilities you want. You have to pay for hosting your blog - year after year.

Web hosting is a big business as millions of websites are to be made available all the time. That requires huge infrastructure in the form of servers, networks, web security systems and a series of software that cannot afford to shut down even for a second or go slow due to traffic.

what is web hosting and domain name

What is the difference between web hosting and domain name? What is required for getting independent domain name?

Let me repeat that web hosting is not enough for your blog or website's presence on the web. You need a domain name

When you are not on a free platform such as Blogger, you need to buy a domain name and renew it year after year. There are dozens of domain name registrars (e.g. GoDaddy, Hostinger, HostGator, BlueHost and Domain.com) and many of them are web hosts also. In fact, when you search for a web hosting plan for your website or blog, you will find many web hosts offering one or more domains free. But be careful about the 'free' offer; it is usually free for one year only and standard rates are charged when you renew the domain.

Like web hosting, domain name also needs to be renewed year after year.

If you are new to blogging or are an established blogger but do not understand the technical details about how blogs and websites are hosted and maintained, subscribe to SocialLogging so that you are updated from time to time. Among the articles already published, this one tells about how to choose a web hosting plan and this one shows why shared web hosting plans are good enough for most blogs and websites.

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