The Manual of Social Media: a reference book on social networking concepts and practice

Social media is consumed by all connected people in the globe. In fact, its converse looks better: Social media consumes all connected people. It really does.

Yet, social media is perhaps not what everybody thinks. It is much beyond that; it has numerous dimensions; it is good for people and it is bad.

Social media is a technical tool. It is a medium of communication. It is a social phenomenon. 

Social media sways emotions, vitiates elections, leads to lynching, aids criminals; it also serves citizens, questions the authority, helps in reaching out.

It is a big, very big, business too. Business of/ on/ through social media is worth many billion dollars a year.

If you are interested in looking at the social media from different directions, I have this book to offer. The book is high in concepts and at the same time full of empirical proof. I won't say anything more except that I have tried to make it useful for scholars as well as those wanting to explore it as users of this wonderful tool and medium.

book on social media

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