This social media platform for the LGBTQ community assures dignity, safety

It is not likely that you have seen a new social media platform, called The Pridebook.

This platform is especially created for the LGBTQ community by two techie friends based in the technology capital of India, Bengaluru. 

The general impression the society carries about LGBTQ+ community begins with the stereotypes people see during their childhood, reinforced by parents, films etc. In not-so-progressive societies, the condition of people with these queer genders is rather pathetic. Governments and corporates have also not been able to take care of their special needs. 

There are many groups and communities of this social group on social media platforms, and The Pridebook will sure give them another, secure, platform to share their common concerns, feelings, ideas.

The creators of the platform claim that since the society still is not responsive to the special needs and feelings of the third gender, they are ensuring that engagements on this platform are whitelisted by manually filtering of content. That should make the platform safe and cozy for people of the third gender and with alternative gender choices.

Among the popular social media apps that are popular among LGBT+ people, mention must be made of Grindr, Blendr and Her. Most platforms focusing on this community encourage geo-socialization and dating. The Pridebook seems to be platform with a difference. Perhaps it would be a worthy  alternative to Mooz platform, which claims to be 'the biggest LGBT community online'. 

This platform is already available in over 40 languages, and other languages are being added. There are plans to add sections on vocational training, career counseling and other support to this group. There would also be job openings from corporate houses. 

social media platform for LGBTQ community

One can also hope that others join this platform so as to show their support for this community.

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