When blogging defies age: Florence, 96, just got two blogging awards!

This blog, telling about the life in Dublin, Ireland, would turn 3 years this July. That should not make news. 

But it should: The blogger, Florence McGillicuddy, will soon turn 96! Yes, the icing on the cake is: only last month, he received two Silver Surfer awards for 2019 from Age Action Ireland, an organization celebrating achievements of old people. He received the overall top award as well as the Golden IT Award.

florence blog Grandadonline

Florence's blog, GranDadOnline, talks of the life as it was in the yesteryears and recalls major events of the bygone era.  Age Action Ireland describes his way of connecting with the younger generation thus: 

He has developed a unique relationship with the children in the local Ballyroan Boys’ School over the past three years through the internet.
Florence brings history to life for the young students as he researches historic facts about their city and composes the lesson in an email which the children’s teacher helps the students read. The students have learned about what life was like in Dublin when Florence was growing up and events such as what happened to Nelson’s Pillar, an airplane crash in Terenure, and he even organises school tours to cigarette factories.
In turn, the children will write back to Florence in old fashioned handwritten letter format which is a wonderful display of generations coming together and learning from each other.

Florence's use of tech looks even more fascinating when we consider the fact that even in this developed country, only half of the people between 65 and 74 years of age have ever used internet, and the usage of technology by people of 75 years and above is negligible.

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