Behave yourself on social media if you want US visa!

If you want to visit the United States for any purpose, you will need to provide  your social media details for the last five years in the visa application. In addition, you will have to give details of all the email and phone numbers you used during the same period. 

A wrong information or hiding of information may result in denial of visa.

Earlier, this information was sought when the authorities suspected terrorist or other dangerous connotations with a visa seeker. Official and diplomatic visa seekers will still be exempt from this requirement. 

The administration feels, this move will help it screen visitors better. Whatever purpose it actually serves, this is another example of Trump's sustained pressure on immigration. 

Nearly 15 million people seek US visa every year for travel, work, education and business purposes.

Concerns are being raised about safe-keeping of data, privacy of visa seekers and possible threat to immigrants' rights due to any breach and misuse of data.

This US move may encourage other nations also to screen social media accounts of visa applicants and could become a world-wide norm.

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