How frequently should I update the blog

This post is in response to queries I have received about how frequently one should update the blog.

The questions are like these: Whether I should blog everyday? How frequently should I post? I am updating my blog regularly but not getting much traffic, why?  What is the minimum frequency per week for a blog to be popular? How many times in a week should one blog so as to earn from it?...

You should update your blog according to its niche, your content, competition's posting habits, and interest of your audience - all of them are linked.  Of course,  a big deciding factor would be how much resources you want to spend on the blog and what you want to achieve from it. 

Since organic traffic does not chase blogs any more because of competition from social networking and instant messaging sites, social media integration is as much important as frequency of posting. You must publish all your major blog posts on your social networking sites, after proper modifications.

It has been documented that traffic on the blog goes up when frequency of blogging is increased. However, the increased is less when the frequency is raised to a very high level.

The right frequency of posting on the blog is important for success in blogging. Too less updation makes the blog lost in the crowd of millions of new posts being written everyday. On the other hand, too high a frequency might take too much resources without corresponding benefits. A high frequency also means most of your posts could be without adequate research. 

frequency of updating blogs
I will close the topic with some examples to illustrate the points made above about the desirable frequency of posting for different types of blogs:
  • If you write about daily news of your area, you will need to update it at least once a day and sometimes more than that. If there is a breaking news or something really big, you might need to be online all the time. 
  • If you write on gadgets, you will be expected to update the blog at least once a week as new gadgets are regularly released. Since there are hundreds of bloggers and consumer websites are your competitors here, you will need to be quite frequent and on the dot. You will need to post immediately when a gadget that was being anticipated for a long time is released.
  • If you write on very serious topiccs, e.g. research in a specialized field, you may write when a new develpment takes place in that field, and that could be rare. However, so as to keep the blog active, you should keep writing knowdge-based posts.
  • If your topics deserve well-researched posts of a good length, your readers will not expect short posts. They would patiently wait for your long posts even if you publish posts only once in a while.

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