Blogging news: Tumblr bought over by Wordpress

Tumblr, the blogging platform most popular among young adults and teens, has been sold by its parent company Verizone to Automattic, the company that owns blogging giant Wordpress.

It is reported that the sale has been for a much smaller amount (not more than $10 million) than a blogging platform with 475 million blogs should command. Tumblr had earlier been purchased by Yahoo! (in 2013) for over a billion dollars.

Watchers of the blogging scene had a premonition about Tumblr falling by the wayside after it purged the platform of porn. Porn and other forms of explicit content had been the strong point of Tumblr and that was the main reason for its popularity among the young population. In fact, I had written a piece, Parents, feel relieved that Tumblr is banning explicit material on its blogs, about a year back.

tumblr bought by wordpress

It will be interesting to see how Wordpress handles Tumblr. It is expected that the front-end of Tumblr would remain the same at least in the near future. Both are massive blogging platforms with their own ecosystem and fans. Synergy in operations and some sort of integration might result in new possibilities in terms of inter-operability of technologies and also user experience.

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