The richest blogger shares social, environmental concerns.

Bill Gates, like only a few other billionares, is a thinker and philanthropist. The co-founder of Microsoft, he also is a regular blogger.

Bill Gates happens to be the richest man alive on earth (in some years, he has a tie with Jeff Bejos of Amazon). Just to put this blogger in terms of his net worth: His wealth is about $107 billion while the GDP of Ethiopia is $95 billion, that of Nepal $35 billion and that of Afghanistan $20 billion. 

On his blog, Bill often writes about social issues. In his two latest posts, he writes about these highly relevant matters facing the society.

1. Alzheimer’s Disease. This is how Gates himself describes this post: It features a clip from the excellent documentary Turning Point: The Quest for a Cure, which looks at why it’s so hard to run clinical trials that would help us develop treatments for Alzheimer’s. I’ve been talking to experts at that very subject, and I’ve even learned about some ways that each of us can contribute to stopping Alzheimer’s.

2. Energy and climate change. This one is part of a series he is running on the blog. This time I wrote about why buildings are so bad for the climate, and what we can do about it. It’s a sneak peak at one of the areas I’ll cover in the book I’m writing about climate change, which will come out next year. 
Buildings can impact climate: from Bill Gates blog