The Manual of Blogging: 2nd thoroughly revised edition released

The 2nd edition of The Manual of Blogging is now available on Amazon. This is a thoroughly revised edition; some new concepts have been added based on new developments in the field of social media and the facts given in the book have been updated as of 2020.

manual of blogging
The book is available in both print and Kindle ebook formats on Amazon. Links to the book are given in the right column of this blog.

The Manual tries to make concepts clear on all aspects of blogging - technological, social, legal. It expands professional blogging topics and discusses their potential, e.g. business blogging, educational blogging, travel-food-fashion blogging... It also carries a long list of blogging best practices - tips that are practical and time-tested. For the more inquisitive ones, the Manual gives an exhaustive list of useful references. Thus, the Manual is a must for bloggers.

Hope, the book helps academicians, researchers and students in the field of media/ new media/ social media/ blogging.

As before, this blog SocialLogging will continue to carry excerpts from the Manual.