Shihoko: an example of succesful blogger who jumped to blogging from nursing

Shihoko, 52, is a Japanese lady living in Australia, who loves cooking native Japanese food.

But that is the tip of the iceberg as far as her bio goes. She is a food blogger and runs her blog Chopstick Chronicles, with her daughter Elizabeth.

Shihoko went to Australia primarily to learn English. There she continued her profession - nursing - and found a side job of teaching Japanese. While talking of Japanese culture, she would also talk of Japanese food and that slowly drew her towards writing about Japanese food and photographing her recipes. After many years, she started her blog in 2015 - at the age of 48. In four years, her blog boasts of a sizable following and she is a name to reckon with in Japanese blogosphere.

Shihoko's daugher Elizabeth is her equal partner in blogging and seems equally passionate about trying out new dishes. The blog has led the mother-daughter duo to publish a book on Japanese food in 2019. Shihoko shares that it was because of the blog, that the book was possible: the blog was noticed by a publishing company who gave them the offer for the book.

Sheer passion,  patience and hard work - these seem to be the mantras that have made Shihoko an example of successful blogger.

The blog has a very professional, clean design and is a storehouse of Japanese cuisine of all types - sea food, noodles, meats and tofu, sweets, breads, drinks... When I asked a Japanese friend based in Delhi to comment on the recipes, he said, these are genuine Japanese dishes with the required native touch.