How blogging helped Sarah overcome a debilitating disease

For years, Sarah suffered from a painful disease of muscles, called fibromyalgia. That made her so sick and helpless that her life revolved round her couch and she needed help for even small personal chores.

Then she took to blogging!

And blogging made her what she is today. She and her husband Mike started a travel blog, List 'Till Dawn, and while she did the writing part, Mike helped with phtography. Now it is a formidable blog on travel. They not only post travelogues and advice for travelers but also do reviews and delve in lifestyle matters. The blog has a section on tips to bloggers and the bloggers run a course on blogging too!

Travel blog by Sarah

On how blogging came to her life and helped shape it, Sarah says this on her blog:
While working at the Big Four, I got really sick from the stress of overworking and got fibromyalgia. I quit accounting, moved to Amsterdam, and became a travel blogger since I’ve been consistently traveling since 2005 and have been to over 20 countries... I’ve always loved traveling, but blogging about it added a whole new passion to my life. Now I love talking about traveling, blogging, and the peace and happiness I’ve finally found in life.

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