Blogging platform Ghost infected by a virus, cured!

The world is in the midst of coronavirus pandemic, so any mention of virus alerts us that this virus story is also about coronavirus.

No, this is different.

Popular blogging platform Ghost, which comes with many premium features, was affected by a virus last week, and the platform had to close for many hours. The virus brought all the CPU active processes on Ghost servers to a standstill and then used their processing power for mining cryptocurrencies.

Ghost has stated that only its servers were affected and user data was not compromised.

free blogging platforms

If you have not used Ghost, let me introduce it to you. Ghost is an open-source content management system or CMS for making websites/ blogs, much like Many find it difficult to set up and therefore go for a paid plan that also comes with some additional frills. Those who use Ghost are its loyal fans. A good number of big companies use Ghost as the software behind their websites.

As a blogging platform, Ghost is not as popular as Blogger, Wordpress etc - partly because it is not free the way Blogger, and Medium are.

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