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This blog carries updates on social media and blogging tips. Sometimes I add digital photography and image concepts and tips. 

Now that almost all types of content creation on social media is loosely called blogging, the term sociallogging perhaps captures it better. This is the guiding principle of this blog, hence this name. 

On social media, I post updates based on my observations and also based on studies/ surveys conducted by research institutions and bid platforms.

On standard blogging, initially I published posts that contained detailed concepts on different aspects of the craft of blogging. Over time, I have found that not many new bloggers are interested in concepts or theory. They want blogging success, which means getting a lot of traffic to the blog and making money out of blogging. 

As such, most new articles deal with practical aspects of blogging. Of course, I continue to write conceptual and informative posts. I also pick up good, 'successful' blogs and showcase them. 

About me

I happen to be a media/ social media practitioner, writer and blogger. I have written on media, governance, ethics, citizens' rights and other matters of public importance.

My name is Manoj PandeySo that social media related matters do not mingle with my official identity, I use Social Logging (short form: Soc Log) as my online avatar when I write/ talk about blogging and social media. On digital media, I have written these books, available as print books/ ebooks on Amazon:

* The Manual of Blogging
* The Manual of Social Media
* Better Digital Images

My email is sociallogging@gmail.com, Facebook page ID, sociallogging and Twitter ID @sociallogging.

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